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We at Ageless Care Solutions recognize that caring for the elderly, our greatest test, not the physical trials we will face. Rather, it is finding a way to make a difficult task as rewarding and empowering as possible.


Our mission is to Provide Professional and Honest Senior Living Advice and Guidance.


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Ageless Care Solutions warmly welcomes you to our dedicated community of compassionate professionals serving the beautiful region of Southwest Florida. Our experienced advisors, renowned for their professionalism, care, and compassion, stand ready to assist you in the journey of finding quality, affordable senior living options.

With a deep understanding of the unique needs of each senior, we provide personalized guidance tailored to their preferences and desires.


Assisted Living is a residential facility that offers assistance with daily activities for people who are able to get around independently. Every community offers different levels of support, so it’s important to understand the level of care your loved one needs now as well as what health conditions may need further assistance in the future.

Assisted Living communities Nationwide settings vary. In many areas assisted senior housing could be considered independent living with added services to assist those who need “hands-on” care. Some assisted living services Nationwide are also provided in residential settings. In these settings, seniors receive either a private or shared room in a residential neighborhood home within a senior community.

When you need help caring for your loved one or helping them make the transition into their golden years, assisted living facilities and nursing homes aren’t the only senior care choices available to you.

Simply put, an Independent Living Community for seniors is there for those who need more socialization than living alone at home. They don’t require regular medical services, but they may need a little help around the house.

Most independent living communities Nationwide provide personal senior apartments — with one or two bedrooms — along with their own full or partial kitchens and laundry rooms. Residents also enjoy the added choice to eat with friends in a community dining room with prepared meals. There are no living restrictions, and seniors have the freedom to come and go whenever they please. The primary goal of independent living is community.

When you partner with Ageless Care Solutions, it becomes our mission to empower your loved one to live independently, join a built-in community of active adults, and start an exciting new chapter of their life. Once they find the right independent living community, they won’t have to leave their interests behind, either. Residents in independent living facilities can stay active and make new friends as they enjoy cooking classes, book clubs, movie nights, support groups, fitness classes, and other planned events and activities.

To tour vibrant senior living communities in your area, reach out to Ageless Care Solutions and connect with our Independent Placement Advisors today.

What is memory care? An Alzheimer’s & Dementia Memory Care Community is for people with middle to late stage memory conditions. Often located within larger assisted living facilities or in smaller residential settings, memory care facilities offer special needs and dementia care. They may also have the actual building set up to enhance memory functions and to decrease potential confusion for memory care residents. These secure environments often have additional safety features and clearly designated walking paths.

Activities focused on memory recall from past experiences are staples of activities in most memory care communities. While specific amenities, activities, and service options vary depending on location, the memory care units in many facilities help their memory care residents stay engaged and active in a structured environment with communal dining, brain games, art classes, music, physical therapy, fitness classes, and many other opportunities for social interaction.

Patients who are appropriate for this setting are usually those that are already residing in an assisted living environment who have begun forgetting how to perform daily activities of life or who have been getting lost, wandering about, or going into other residents’ rooms thinking it was their own. A daily routine in a structured environment has been proven to help cope with the early stages of memory loss.

Memory care special licensing is required in certain states.

A nursing home is the highest care environment for today’s seniors that require the skilled nursing services of a physician, nurse, social worker, physical therapist, occupational therapist or a respiratory therapist. These facilities are mostly paid for by Medicare and Medicaid. A nursing home is usually used more for a short term rehabilitation stay than as a long term care facilities option unless the senior is on a Medicaid program.

Most seniors will never need a nursing home due to the increased services that assisted living and Dementia/Alzheimer’s/Memory Care Communities can perform. Private pay is rarely used in this care setting due to recurring cost ranging from $250.00 to $400.00 per day. Nursing homes are considered the most restrictive environments for seniors.

Special licensing is required in certain states.


Here at Ageless Care Solutions, a home care in Fort Myers, Florida, we offer a wide selection of home care services that are all intended to help you achieve the quality of life you deserve. Check out the services we offer below.

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You may give us a call or fill out the contact form to speak directly with an advisor near you.


Our initial conversation will help us understand your family's needs and answer any questions. The next step is to meet with your Certified Senior Care Manager.


During your consultation, your Certified Senior Care Manager may discuss options that may fit your loved one based on their level of care needs, geographic needs, and budget. We also discuss the budget and resources available to ensure comfort and peace of mind.


Ageless Care Solutions takes great pride in the fact that we are so much more than an assisted living specialist of SWFL. Together, we create a care plan with clear steps and goals to keep us on track, and that will serve as a roadmap to help guide your loved one.


After selecting communities that might be a good fit, we schedule tours and accompany you. We assist with the required paperwork and assist with making moving arrangements.


Ageless Care Solutions, Client SERVICES Support, is well-versed in working with clients who are 50 years of age and older. Our specialist will be there for your loved one even after you make your decision. This specialist has undergone specialized training to understand and cater to the distinctive requirements, safety concerns, and financial goals of this demographic, ensuring a tailored, sensitive approach to their needs.

Ageless Care Solutions will be there every step of the way, providing expert advice and caring guidance when it is needed the most.

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